Why I Love Consignment Shops and You Should Too!

  1. Guilt-free shopping – when you purchase clothing at a consignment store you don’t have to worry about buying from and thus supporting a brand that is unethical and environmentally unsustainable. Also, purchasing secondhand clothing is eco-friendly because the clothing item isn’t new and didn’t have to damage the environment to be produced.
  2. Good prices- designer brands can cost upwards of 200 dollars and consignment designer clothing is only a fraction of that cost.
  3. Extremely fun- Similar to regular shopping, consignment shopping is lots of fun (if not more fun). No two clothing pieces are the same at a consignment shop so there is a tons of styles and variety to look at.
  4. Fashionable- Have you ever been to a store like Forever 21 or Nordstrom and not found anything that you liked? This dilemma is less likely at a consignment shop because since the clothes are secondhand, you know that someone liked the clothes enough to buy them previously.

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