Menstrual Cup: Pros and Cons

Recently, I began using a menstrual cup for environmental reasons and would definitely recommend it to others. I purchased the Sensitive Lena Menstrual Cup if you are curious. I purchased this cup in particular because it is made in California and the brand has a major focus on the environment. Here are a list of my honest pros and cons of using a menstrual cup.


  • environmentally friendly (reuse don’t throw away like pads and tampons)
  • worry-free (can leave in for 12 hours at a time without leakage)
  • odor-free (menstruation blood doesn’t come in contact with the air when wearing)


  • can be difficult to learn how to put in at first (I find the 7 fold the easiest menstrual cup fold for insertion)
  • need to be careful about cleanliness of the cup and your hands -> the cup goes inside of you so should be careful about cleaning
  • can leak -> if does not seal to the vaginal walls

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